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Opening Wellbeing Session with The KJ Today Show

Living a Life of Positive Vibes

Join our Wellbeing Fest 2023 host, KJ McGlinn from the KJ TODAY Show and Pet Pals TV as she leads us through what it means to live a life of Positive Vibes! As a media personality and a Reiki Master, KJ strives every day to bring positive energy to others while maintaining a positive vibration at home with her husband and five cats.

This energizing conversation will inspire you to overcome challenges, live authentically and stay connected to your own positive vibe. Join KJ and other special guests, for this amazing launch to Wellbeing Fest 2023!

Meet KJ

KJ is a long time trusted media personality, TV producer, author, entrepreneur and mildly obsessed but not crazy cat expert.

After spending 13 years as an award-winning radio personality, KJ is no stranger to using her voice to better her community. Now, many people across the country know her as the Kitty Correspondent on the nationally syndicated show, Pet Pals TV, or as the founder of the Kinda Nerdy Girls podcast.

She is the author of the book “Raised by Cats: Behind the Mic and the Meows” which was an instant Amazon #1 New Release in 2022 on National Cat Day.

KJ TODAY – Your Positive Vibes Show is currently in it’s second season bringing a positive spin to pop culture, people to know and pets!

Celebrity guests have included Bob Costas, Geena Davis, Patrick Warburton, Patricia Heaton, Retta, William Shatner, Harry Potter’s Tom Felton and Noah Reid from Schitt’s Creek!

A multi-passionate entrepreneur at heart, KJ combines her dedication to animal advocacy and love of Marvel movies to connect with followers and fans alike. She is a frequent go-to expert on all things cats, superheroes and sci-fi, which has led to a loyal social media presence of more than 35,000.

Through her work with animal advocates, feline fans and fangirls who love Star Wars, KJ is deeply committed to creating fun and fantastical opportunities for anyone who wants to impact the world around them through their own unique passions (especially cats!).