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Health and Wellness of Carmel 

At Health and Wellness of Carmel, we believe that nature is one of the driving forces keeping our bodies functioning properly.

We practice holistic medicine meant to enhance your mind, body, and spirit. Our staff consists of many medical professionals and administrators, all of whom are completely dedicated to providing a patient experience that is unmatched by any other practice.

Holistic Integration

Deeply rooted in the core of Holistic Integration is a passion and dedication to providing each and every patient with the highest standards in service and expertise, all driven by a whole-person approach.

Unlike conventional medicine, which focuses on attempting to treat disease once it occurs, we emphasize improving your health in an effort to reduce the risk of pain and illness at its very core.

At Holistic Integration, we practice what is called Structure Function Care.

The FDA recognizes two models of medical care in the United States — Disease Care and Structure Function Care. Disease Care is what most see as “traditional” medical practice — it involves addressing health issues and illnesses as they come up, treating diseases and symptoms with prescription medications, quick fixes, and sometimes even surgery.

Structure Function Care is proactive healthcare — it focuses on approaching the body as a whole to help bring the entire system back to homeostasis, or a point of balance and equilibrium, effectively preventing health issues before they come up.

20% Discount on Acupuncture sessions

Towne Post Network

Headquartered in Fishers, Indiana, the Towne Post Network, Inc. is a family-owned franchise system that publishes monthly community magazines in their respective territories. Each publication focuses on promoting the good news in their communities, featuring local businesses, people, and family events. In addition to a monthly print magazine, Towne Post Network provides comprehensive web development strategy and implementation, Google ad set-up and maintenance, programmatic advertising programs for digital, social and streaming television, and other marketing services designed for local businesses.

Franchise opportunities in over 40 states with existing territories in Indiana and Kentucky.

Midwest Integrative Dental Medicine

Midwest Integrative Dental Medicine puts great emphasis on providing a more natural, healing dental experience for all of our patients. We combine the most advanced, alternative wellness treatments and holistic practices with conventional dental procedures to ensure our care is both beneficial to your overall health and appropriate for your unique dental and physical makeup.

To help accomplish this, Midwest Integrative Dental Medicine remains a safe, mercury-free office that seeks permanent solutions for our patients, as well as long-lasting relationships! We work hard to educate you concerning the link between oral and overall health, and to help you see your mouth and body as one complete entity.

More than just education and remedy for oral issues, we always strive to help you go beyond just the surface, find and eliminate the root causes of your affliction, and achieve true health and wellness. We care about you and want to showcase our compassion when treating you. We will work with all of your integrated specialists to coordinate your overall care, and provide you with an experience that promotes growth and improvement for your complete mind and body.

Midwest Integrative Dental Medicine meets and surpasses all Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and Center for Disease Control (CDC) standards, and we make your – and your family’s – well-being our top priority

Art of the Heart

Allie (she/her) is a Registered Art Therapist- Provisional living and working in Indianapolis, Indiana. Allie has a passion for helping others on their journey through life, assisting each person to find their most authentic self and break free from anything holding them back from doing so.

Art of the Heart offers individual and group art therapy services, either in person or tele-health. Subscribe to our newsletter for other upcoming offerings including art workshops, mindfulness groups and more!

Candle & Cole

Welcome to Candle & Cole where it is our mission to “Be Light and Give Light (one candle at a time).”

Founded by a mother and daughter team, Candle & Cole’s hand-poured plant-based soy wax candles elevate your senses while infusing joy, love, and luxury into the room.

Our all-natural candles are poured in micro-batches using only the finest soy wax and chemical-free cotton wicks. They are blended with exclusive and deeply fragrant oils that will not only fill your space- but fill your soul. Hand-poured in micro batches to ensure attention to detail.

Elements 5Arts and Wellness

Holistic wellness achieved through arts integrated experiences, wellness workshops and group/individual coaching with the Wellness 360 coach method


Catherine Clift Coaching

I am a women’s empowerment coach. I help women Entrepreneurs believe in themselves and what is possible for them by clearing the blocks around money and worthiness that keeps them stuck so they may take consistent action and have a successful business.

A one on one clarity session plus 5 targeted leads for your business.

Eden Family Practice LLC

Eden Family Practice offers primary care for newborns through grandparents, with a Functional and Integrative approach. Doctor Penny Lane FNP, CNM, created Eden Family Practice in effort to empower through education, offer connection through authentic community, and to truly invest in holistic wellness. We seek clients ready to invest in themselves. Our practice offers yoga and mindfulness classes, customized IV nutritional therapies, monthly hikes, a book of the month club, workshops, and educational programs galore.

Detoxification and Wellness programs free of charge to anyone who establishes themselves as a new client of Eden Family Practice while at the event.

Essential Wellbeings

A local brick and mortar shop filled with Aromatherapy ~ Books ~ Candles ~ Crystals ~ Herbs ~ Incense ~ Smudge Bundles ~ Teas ~ & unique gifts

Gym Roots

We help people live with LESS PAIN and MORE ENERGY.

We help people solve their wellness puzzles through investigation of their physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual aspects.

As experts in movement our ninja power is choosing and applying movement in the right dosage and frequency to enhance natural healing.

Our modalities include Pilates, Perfect 10 Posture, JOYful JOYnts, and Pranic Healing which are combined to solve your unique wellbeing puzzle!

20% off Initial Consultation Session
1-hour discovery and experience sessions,$175 value for $140

Heal First Coaching

Samantha Tishner, known to most as Sam, is a Woman’s Empowerment Coach and accomplished author of Heal First. Love Second., a book sharing stories and wisdom that empower people to heal their hearts and souls through self-acceptance and love. She currently focuses on helping women heal from symptoms of The Broken Wife Effect and make positive changes in their lives using a loving and empathetic approach. She draws from her own life experiences and leverages her training with Health Coach Institute and knowledge gained from life-changing authors such as Brené Brown, Marie Forleo, Gabby Bernstein, Louise Hay, Dr. Wayne Dyer, and many more.

Heal Your Disease

Perhaps the only certified Iridologist in Central Indiana, Derek has been studying herbs, nutrition, and various healing methods for nearly 15 years. Heal Your Disease offers Eye Analysis, Reiki, and Wellness Consulting. You Can Heal Your Disease.

Free eye analysis and half off all gift certificates.

Greenwood Family Chiropractic

Greenwood Family Chiropractic is about having a holistic approach to your health.

Hope Chiropractic

Hope Chiropractic is on a mission to give you and your family hope, answers, and help through neurologically-based chiropractic care.

Your initial consultation, neurological evaluation, and report of findings is usually $75, but if you schedule an appointment at WBF it’s only $25

Innate Way Wellness

Innate Way Wellness (IWW) is an outpatient mental health practice that specializes in holistic and comprehensive care. IWW has a multidisciplinary team of specialist that support children, adolescents, adults, and families across the lifespan struggling with mental illness. We connect the mind and the body, to get to the root of healing.

Joifully Living

Natural Wellness Guide – Walking with you from Surviving to Thriving. Healing your trauma to live with Freedom and Joy!

Stop by for your Free Discovery Session, Hand massages and samples.

Lina Natale

Numerology is an interpretive, divinatory art. Similar to astrology or the tarot, it can be used to point out the challenges and choices on the road of life. I can offer a numerological reading that can give you a glimpse into resolving your past challenges and offer positive, future outcomes.

Numerological reading: $25.00 for approximately 20-25 minute reading

Natrum Naturals

Natrum Naturals is an herbal gummy supplement company that emphasizes the well-being of the whole person and planet. We focus on bringing the highest-quality herbal ingredients and making them more palatable and engaging by packaging them into tasty gummies to support the health of people of all ages! We believe in forward-thinking sustainability, having a growth mindset, staying curious, and being intentional with all that we do.

25% off $75 or more using code “HOLISTICHUB25” on our website “” for a limited time only.

New Wave Chiropractic

New Wave Chiropractic is a neurologically-based chiropractic office that serves people of all ages. We specialize in torque release technique, pregnancy, and pediatrics.

Discounted new patient appointment for $20

Tallow LLC

Tallow LLC is located in Indianapolis, Indiana. All of the skincare products are made by us in small batches and packaged by hand. We source our 100% grass-fed beef tallow from local farms that meet our sourcing standards. When tallow comes from a 100% grass-fed cow, it has the same vitamin spectrum as our own skin and can be used on a variety of skin ailments. Humans have used tallow for various skin needs for over 20,000 years and we are proud to continue this ancient tradition and make it accessible to you.

Three lip balms for $18 for Wellbeing Fest customers!  Buy 3 soaps and get a free soap saver! *All while supplies last.

Whitehall Health and Wellness LLC

Healing Touch Treatments – nurturing energy therapy. I am a Certified Healing Touch Practitioner, credentialed through Healing Beyond Borders since 2016.