Line-Up Of Presenters

November 17th, 7:00-9:00 p.m.

Our themes for night one are Nourish and Move!


Aleta Osborn, Pure-trition  |  Pumpkin, Spice, and Everything Nice
Food Demo & Recipes:  With a pumpkin spice smoothie and no-bake treats.
Candace Corson, Corson Wellness LLC | The Healing Power of Plants – As Food and Medicine
Candace will share about the lost knowledge of the medicine garden, and highlight six plants that will grow here in Indiana in the backyard or community garden.  Learn about their very helpful Medicinal and/ or nutritional benefit.
Becky Laurenzana, Becky Laurenzana Yoga | Accessible Yoga for Everyday Life
Be led through a gentle yoga practice consisting of breath work and physical poses to connect with your subtle energy body to relieve tension and tightness.  Learn how to use these poses in bite-sized chunks throughout your day to stay calm and present.
Dr. Harris & Dr. Guba, Midwest Integrative Dental Medicine | Healthy Mouth, Healthy You

Discover the oral cavity: a gateway to total health!  Highlighting:

  • Digestion/nutrition
  • Teeth as sensory organs
  • Key points in flow of energy (meridians)


Paula Lord, GymRoots, Inc.  JOYful JOYnts
Explore movements from the internal point of view —  disentangle your sense of identity from the physical, emotional, and physical bodies. Utilizing assess/reassess protocol, you will have real time proof that your overall wellbeing can be affected by a simple change in point of view. JOYful JOYnts movement program is accessible to all ages and functional ability levels.
Kelsi Peacock, Peacock Family Chiropractic  Your Spine & Nervous System’s Role in your Health
Your spine surrounds and protects your nerves! Not only can misalignment cause neck pain, back pain, or headaches, but it can impact digestion, acid reflux, hormones, and heart health! Further understand why misalignment of your spine can cause health issues and what you can do about it. 
Samantha Simpson  | Yoga to Open Unconsciously Held Trauma in the Body
Become aware of areas of the body that typically store past trauma that may be causing pain or dis-ease. Opening up these areas will start the journey of healing as stuck energy will be able to move around and flow out. 
Catherine Clift, Catherine Clift Coaching | Let Go and Abundance & Miracles Will Flow
Catherine shares her story of how to uncover and identify the roots to the blocks of your earning potential, worthiness level, and value.   Reveal how you may have the money and success you try so hard to achieve.

November 18th, 7:00-9:00 p.m.

Our Themes for Night Two are Connect and Grow!


Meredith Iacocca, Abundant Plate Wellness Reinventing Your Traditional Holiday Sides
Spend some time with Chef Meredith in the kitchen and learn about new foods to add to your traditional dishes!
Colette Pellissier – Illuminated Leadership | Living the Language of Love: 4 Practices to Grow Connection During Challenging Times
Cultures are built one relationship at a time, and relationships are built one conversation at a time. Challenging times call forward our own personal best (and sometimes our not-so-best!). There has never been a better time to update our interpersonal toolkit, and find our way to conversations guided by Love. Join us for a discussion curated for times like these. Learn practical ways to build heart to heart and soul to soul connection in your interactions with others on every level: Physical, Mental, Emotional & Spiritual.
Sharon Schweizer, BioWavz | Recognize Your Resources
Participate in an exercise with Sharon, Registered Craniosacral Therapist and Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapist. It will bring you a feeling of safety, and this exercise allows you to discover your own personal resource to help overcome any difficult emotions that may arise throughout your day.
Kelei Leak, Enlightened Steps Hypnosis Coaching and Consulting | A New Normal Using Hypnosis & Meditation
This presentation is designed to help you step away from anxiety, fear and exhaustion so that they can create a new normal. The current status of our world has many people exhausted, depressed and fearful.  With Kelei, You get to find healthy ways to set down the fear and get back to living.  


Kris Larson, Juice Plus+ Healthy Eating is Always in Season
Discover ways to improve your health with good nutrition and how to grow your own food, even indoors!
Melissa Laborsky, Indy Healing Center | Healing is in Your Hands!
The purpose of this session is to provide an introduction to the energetic Meridian system and how it relates to body, mind, Spirit healing. Participants will learn how to access this system. 
The Meridian system is the body’s energetic grid. Energy runs through this system faster than the speed of light, impacting function of every organ, tissue, and cell within. The Four Energy Gates are specific points along this system that hold power to impact the body at multiple levels body, mind, and Spirit. The Gates can be done by anyone, anytime, anywhere truly allowing you to take healing into your own hands!
Cathy Stopczynski, Rejuva Wellness | Heart Brain Coherence
Experience a heart, brain coherence exercise with Cathy.  Learn how raising your body’s vibrational frequency, raises you on an emotional scale to alignment with love and peace and brings you closer to your highest power.
Jennifer Seffrin, Indy Holistic Hub | Uplifting Hearts In The Heartland
In these times that 2020 has brought forth, Jennifer Seffrin, Founding Director of Indy Holistic Hub, envisioned bringing something to the Greater Indianapolis community that would uplift Hoosier spirits, inspire healthy living, and empower community connection so we come out on the other side as a thriving example to America.  We do this through conscientious reflection, inspiring stories, and an emphasis on healthy body & mind. 
Karmen Fink, Heart’s Joy | What’s Your Perspective on Enlightenment?
There are many paths to enlightenment, and Karmen Fink shares her path to enlightenment in What is Your Perspective.