Keynote Presentation with Richard Brendan

What the Dying Teach Us About Living – Why the Awareness of Death is The Secret of Life

LOVE calls you to make death your constant companion. The awareness of death helps you heal wounds, refines your purpose and you lead a fearless, authentic life.

Richard’s keynote presentation is based on insights from his 17 years as a hospice chaplain and over 20 years as a certified Life Purpose Coach. His years as a hospice chaplain has reminded him that life and death are part of the same coin.  He says, “Death is my partner, a constant companion that serves as a wake-up call”. “Pay attention,” it whispers. “This is your life. How shall you live it?”

Richard is always very inspirational, educational and very heartfelt. While learning the art of living in the light of death, he’s come to know that the ultimate expression of love – is to take someone deeply into your heart. To offer the precious gift of being heard and seen, without being judged. Only Love is safe enough to come out to.

It is truly a cosmic paradox that one of the best teachers in all of life turns out to be death. No person or situation could ever teach you as much as death has to teach you….Learn to live as though you are facing death at all times, and you’ll become bolder and more open. if you live life fully, you won’t have any last wishes.”

– Michael A. Singer, from The Untethered Soul

Meet Richard

Richard Brendan has inspired thousands of people with his extraordinary talent for igniting a renewed sense of purpose and passion for life, work, and love, while passionately bringing love into action.

After years working as a hospice chaplain, life purpose coach, and counselor, Richard Brendan knows the value of a life well lived. In his teaching, Richard reminds us we all have unlimited potential and  limited time. For him, profound awareness of the inevitability of death serves as a wake-up call for refining our life purpose and leading a more courageous and authentic life. Richard’s inspirational speaking stirs passion for living and motivates desire for deeper change in people’s lives and relationships.

Through keynotes, workshops, coaching, and media, Richard is a recognized expert on human relations and an influential speaker on personal and social transformation. He is known and loved for his visionary creativity, fiery passion, and heartfelt communication skills. To get a taste of Richard’s speaking, see his videos here.

Richard has an MA in Counseling from the University of Illinois and a BA in Interpersonal Communications from Purdue University. He is a Certified Life Purpose Coach from the Life Purpose Institute and has served as a hospice chaplain for decades. He is the host of the weekly podcast, JourneysFire: Conversations on the Art of Living and Loving. In radio and television for nearly 20 years, he has produced and narrated several projects for WFYI/PBS.

He was also the Founder and President of JourneysFire International. Under Richard’s direction, it became a respected leader in the Midwest, producing innovative, multimedia programs and special events for self-empowerment, spirituality, leadership, and holistic health. These programs were designed toWe inspire and enlighten people of all ages to bring more love and compassion into their daily lives and communities.